The Golden Goal: New Weekly Free-To-Play Game

BetVictor Golden Goal Terms and Conditions

These T&Cs were last updated on 20th November 2016, at 5.45pm CET.

(Definitions of terminology are at the end of these terms and conditions).


1. Competition

This Golden Goal competition is a weekly competition which will be run from 17 October 2016 until the end of the English Premier League 2016/2017 season (the “Season”). Each week the amount of £25,000 is available to be won by Winner(s) with the Prize being awarded depending upon the outcome of the chosen televised match ("Competition Fixture") for that particular week (the “Competition”). The relevant game that the participants must make correct predictions on is the Competition Fixture, terms and conditions of entry and participation are further detailed below.


2. Prize

  1. The prize for winning the Competition in relation to any particular Competition Fixture of the Season is a single payment of GBP £25,000 (although the prize may be increased at the discretion of BetVictor for any reason (the “Prize”).
  2. The Prize will be awarded subject to, and as described in, these terms and conditions following the conclusion of the chosen Competition Fixture This will typically be an English Premier League fixture on a Sunday afternoon, however, BetVictor may at their discretion choose a match from another competition and another day of the week. A full fixture list is available on website and each Competition Fixture will be finalised no less than 14 days prior to its scheduled date of play.
  3. The Prize will be credited to the relevant BetVictor betting account(s) within 5 days of the verification and acceptance of the Prize in accordance with clause 3.d below.
  4. Any Prize(s) awarded shall at all times remain subject to these terms and conditions (including, but not limited to, the cancellation or postponement of the Competition in accordance with clause 10, or disqualification of the winning participant in accordance with clause 7.d).


3. Winners

  1. The Prize will be won by the participant(s) who places a valid prediction which correctly predicts :-
    1. the name of the first goal scorer; and
    2. the minute of the first goal in the Competition Fixture for that week (each a "Winner" and together the "Winners")
  2. In the event that there are multiple Winners, the Prize will be split evenly amongst the Winners.
  3. In the event that no participant makes a correct prediction (in accordance with clause 2(a) above), the Prize will be rolled over to the next  Competition Fixture week(if any)
  4. Winners in relation to each Competition Fixture will be contacted by e-mail and/or telephone within 2 days of BetVictor posting the result of the Competition Fixture on its website, using the contact details as registered on their BetVictor account. You are responsible for making sure your contact details are up to date at all times. If you are a Winner, you must accept the prize by replying to our email or by verbally agreeing to accept the prize on a recorded telephone line within 5 days of receiving notification of the award. If a winner does not have a verified BetVictor account at the time of notification, he/she will be invited to verify their account within the 5-day period. Failure to do so will result in any potential share of The Prize being forfeited.


4. Qualifying for the Competition

  1. All BetVictor account holders with an account registered in a territory as set out in section 6(b) will be eligible to participate in the Competition (subject to standard terms and conditions and clause 5 below) and each account holder will be awarded one free prediction at the beginning of each qualifying period which is, for each Competition Fixture, the period ending with the kick-off of that Competition Fixture and starting with the kick-off of the previous Competition Fixture. For each Competition fixture, an additional prediction will be awarded for wagering a total of £25 or stated currency equivalent across all BetVictor products during the applicable qualifying period; with a third prediction awarded for wagering a total of £50 or stated currency equivalent across all BetVictor products during that applicable qualifying period (“Wagering Requirements”). See clause 6f below re currencies other than GBP. A maximum of 3 predictions will be available per Competition Fixture per participant.
  2. Predictions will be awarded upon bet placement or casino wagering via your BetVictor account.
  3. Wagering Requirements will be met when placed with real money. Any wagering undertaken using Bonus Funds will NOT count towards the Wagering Requirements.


5. Prediction period

Qualifying Period

  1. Wagering that meets the Wagering Requirements will apply to the Competition Fixture for which the prediction period is running at the time the wagering meets the Wagering Requirements. It will not be effective for any earlier Competition Fixture or its related prediction period.
  2. The prediction period for any future Competition Fixture in which participants can submit their predictions will open following the conclusion of the previous Competition Fixture and will close at the kick off time of that future Competition Fixture. If either of these scheduled times are moved BetVictor reserves the right to amend the prediction period accordingly.
  3. Predictions that are not validly submitted during the prediction period will be forfeited upon closure of the prediction period.


6. Entrance Requirements

  1. You will not be eligible for this promotion if you have breached any of the general terms and conditions or if any of the events at clause 7.d apply to you.
  2. Offer is open to all account holders in the UK, Ireland, Gibraltar, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg only. If your account is registered in any other territory your predictions will be void and you will not be entitled to any share of The Prize.
  3. Employees of the BetVictor group and their immediate families (i.e parent, spouse, sibling or child) are not permitted to enter this promotion, neither may the employees or the immediate families of any third party agencies assisting with the creation or operation of this promotion.  
  4. Subject to clause 4c re use of Bonus Funds, this promotion can be used in conjunction with any standard BetVictor promotion, unless stated in the terms and conditions of that promotion.
  5. Only residents of permitted countries as set out in section 6(b) are permitted to enter this promotion. Any predictions that may be received from such participants in other territories will be void.
  6. Only bets placed in GBP, Euros, USD, and Swiss Francs will count as satisfying the Wagering Requirements and each currency will have an equivalent value of £25 determined by BetVictor for the purposes of Wagering Requirements. This currency equivalent value may be amended at any stage at BetVictor’s discretion but changes will not affect predictions awarded before the change takes effect.  
  7. Prizes and predictions are non-transferrable and there are no cash equivalents for predictions. The Competition area will be made available on our desktop website, mobile website and iOS and Android applications. On certain devices, it may not be available, depending on the operating system and device.
  8. Once a prediction is made it cannot be amended, voided or cancelled by you. Note however that, upon release of the official line-ups for each team for a Competition Fixture BetVictor will void predictions placed on those players not listed within the line-up. These voided predictions will be made available for re-use by you prior to kick off of the Competition Fixture. If a subsequent version of the official line-up is released and contains a player(s) who was/were not listed on the original line-ups, and where that player scores the first goal in the match, we will ignore this goal for the purposes of awarding the Prize. The next goal in the game will be treated as the Golden Goal and will be used as the winning result. If there are no winners, the prize will roll over to the next Competition Fixture as normal.
  9. If you attempt to submit a prediction and are unable to for any reason (for example due to website outage), such attempt shall not be deemed a valid prediction and shall not be considered in the awarding of the Prize. Your prediction shall be deemed to have been "submitted" when you receive a success message within the “Golden Goal” zone and the prediction shows within the prediction history. Each successful prediction will receive a unique entry reference number which is a confirmation of successful entry.
  10. The Prize value will always be denominated in GBP.
  11. Any competition winner using a BetVictor account denominated in a currency other than GBP will have the Prize paid in their BetVictor account currency using the mid-market rate supplied by the Bank of England Foreign Exchange Desk London, on the day of payment.


7. Calculation of Winning Details

First Goal Scorer

  1. When predicting the first goal scorer, participants can select any player from the registered squad of either team participating in the Competition Fixture plus the option ‘’Own Goal’’ which covers any own goal scored by either team.
  2. The first goal scorer will be the first player on either team to score a goal in the Competition Fixture (unless it’s is an own goal in which case the goal scorer will be “Own Goal”) during the full duration of the match. See Section 7b below re timings.
  3. Participants may predict that the first goal scored will be an own goal by selecting the option ‘’Own Goal’’ from the list of players. For the avoidance of doubt this option will cover all players on the field that may score an “Own Goal”.
  4. The identity of the scorer of the first goal will be determined by the first goal scorer as announced by Perform Media Channels Ltd (“Opta”).


Minute of First Goal

  1. When predicting the minute of the first goal, the participant may select:
    1. any minute during the full period of play up to Full Time; or
    2. where extra time applies (e.g. if the game is goalless at the end of the 90 minutes plus additional/stoppage time), any minute during the full period of play of extra time; or
    3. where a penalty shootout applies, the number of a penalty from ‘1st Penalty Kick’ to ‘10th Penalty Kick’ and “Any Other Penalty” (i.e. any penalty kick after the 10th Penalty Kick). The ‘1st Penalty Kick’ will be the first penalty taken by the team shooting first, the ‘2nd Penalty Kick’ will be the first penalty taken by the team shooting second and so on.
  2. Minutes are calculated as follows: minute 1 is the period between kick-off and 0:59, minute 2 is the time between 1:00 and 1:59, and so on. Minute 45 covers the period 44:00 to the Half Time Whistle and Minute 90 covers the period 89:00 to the Full Time Whistle however long the duration of play after 45 or 90 minutes (as applicable). Minute 105 covers the period 104:00 to the Half Time Whistle in Extra Time and Minute 120 covers the period 119:00 to the Full Time Whistle of Extra Time however long the duration of play in each case. The minute as provided by Opta will be deemed to be the time of the goal.
  3. The correct prediction will be the prediction of the minute in which the first goal is scored.
  4. The minute of the first goal shall be determined by the time of the first goal as announced by Opta. For the avoidance of doubt, and by way of example, a goal awarded in minute 30’ would belong to the minute band 29.00-29:59 within the Competition minute selector


Disputed results

  1. In the event that the first goal scorer or time of the first goal is disputed, BetVictor reserves the right to withhold payment of Prize(s) until the disputed result is confirmed by Opta, or by 6pm on the Friday following the completion of the match in question, whichever is earlier. The result published by Opta will be final and conclusive for the purposes of the Competition.
  2. Subject always to clause 7.c.i above, any appeals, changes or disqualifications which affect the announcement of the first goal scorer and time of the first goal which arise after the Prize has been awarded will not affect the Winner(s) as selected by BetVictor.
  3. If there is a dispute over the award of a Prize for any reason, BetVictor’s decision will be final and conclusive subject only to Clause 8.

Disqualification of winners

If any Winner-:

  1. has been in breach of any of the general terms and conditions at any time (including but not limited to opening an account with BetVictor when they are underage (according to the gambling laws of the jurisdiction in which they are resident));
  2. cannot be contacted after BetVictor has taken all of the steps to do so in accordance with clause 3.d or can be contacted but has not accepted or confirmed acceptance of the Prize within 5 days of being contacted in accordance with clause 3.d;
  3. has not been verified in accordance with the general terms and conditions within 5 days of being contacted in accordance with clause 3.d;
  4. was in a breach of a self-exclusion agreement with BetVictor or any of our white label partners as per terms of self-exclusion found in sections 17.1.3 and 17.3 of our General Terms and Conditions   at the time of placing a Qualifying Bet or making a prediction in the Competition;
  5. has closed the BetVictor account used to enter the Competition or such account has been suspended by BetVictor;
  6. has held multiple accounts with BetVictor or have breached these terms and conditions at any time;
  7. has been deemed to be abusing the promotion (as set out in clause 11 below) at any time; such Winner will be disqualified from the Competition.


8. Independent Auditor

BetVictor will identify the Winner(s) in relation to each Competition Fixture and award the Prize in accordance with these terms and conditions. The decision on all such matters shall be made by BetVictor and shall be final and conclusive save that if there is any dispute as to who is or is not a Winner or any other matter which arises as a result of a fault or failing (actual or alleged) in the systems and/or processes used by of BetVictor for the purposes of recording bets, wagers, or the award and use of predictions shall be referred by BetVictor to an Independent Auditor who will audit the performance and operation of the relevant systems and/or processes and whose decisions on such matters shall be final and conclusive.


9. Publication of your details

By entering this promotion you consent to BetVictor using your name, likeness, image and photograph in promotional media in the event that you are a winner.


10. Cancellation or postponement of the competition

  1. The running of the Competition in relation to any Competition Fixture is dependent upon events which are not under the control of BetVictor. BetVictor cannot anticipate every possible scenario which may affect the Competition Fixture. BetVictor reserves the right to, acting reasonably, suspend, delay or cancel the Competition in relation to any Competition Fixture.
  2. In the event that the Competition is cancelled in relation to any Competition Fixture due to an event outside of the control of BetVictor (including but not limited to acts of terrorism, floods, storms, cancellation or abandonment of the Competition Fixture): (i) all wagers or bets placed in order to qualify for that Competition Fixture will stand as individual wagers or bets; and (ii) all entries / predictions in respect of that Competition Fixture itself shall be void, and the Prize shall not be awarded to any participant.
  3. In the event that the Competition in relation to any Competition Fixture is cancelled due to an event within the reasonable control of BetVictor (including but not limited to an internal technical failure or an inability to provide the Competition): (i) all wagers or bets placed in order to qualify for that Competition Fixture will stand as individual wagers or bets; (ii) all entries / predictions in respect of the Competition Fixture itself shall be void and the Prize shall not be awarded to any participant; and (iii) BetVictor may (at its sole discretion) credit your account with bonus funds of a set value per prediction submitted (the amount of such bonus funds are to be decided by BetVictor and will be subject to additional bonus terms).
  4. d. BetVictor reserves the right to cancel or discontinue the Competition at any time for any reason in its absolute discretion but such cancellation or discontinuance shall not apply to any Competition Fixture already active i.e. the Prize for that Competition Fixture has been awarded or is in process of being awarded or the prediction period in respect of the Competition Fixture is open under clause 5b.


11. Abuse of promotions

  1. BetVictor encourages participants to participate in promotions, but to refrain from abusing them Abuse of this promotion (or reasonable suspected abuse of this promotion), or any improper conduct (including any of the "Prohibited Practices" listed in clause 10 of the general terms and conditions will result in the participant's exclusion from this promotion, forfeiture of winnings and any Prize won (whether in whole or in part) and/or account closure. Subject to your right to refer any dispute for individual adjudication (as set out in the general terms and conditions) the decision of BetVictor on this matter is final.
  2. In the event of a bet being settled as void, or where participants have abused, or are reasonably suspected of having abused the promotion, all bets placed by or predictions already awarded retrospectively to, such person, shall be void.


12. General Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions, apply to this promotion, including but not limited to clause 13 (events outside our control) and clause 14 (exclusion of our liability). To the extent of any conflict between these terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail.


Golden Goal Glossary of Terms

Day (and any references to times) – means the times within the 24 hours that ends at midnight (and times referred to shall be UK times).

Full Time – means when the referee blows the final whistle ending the Competition Fixture and shall include any injury time.

Golden Goal - the Golden Goal is the first goal that is scored in the Competition Fixture.  Our promotion asks you to predict the player who will score it and the minute that the first goal will be scored.

Half Time – means when the referee blows the half time whistle and includes any injury time.

Prediction – a prediction is a prediction for the Golden Goal, in terms of who will score the first goal in the Competition Fixture and the minute that this goal is scored. Predictions can be made once the previous Competition Qualifying Period has concluded.

Void Bet – Relates to a bet on an outcome which is voided under our terms and conditions.  Typically, bets are voided if they could not win or lose, usually because the player took no part in the game.


The Golden Goal: New Weekly Free-To-Play Game

The Golden Goal - Pick a player. Pick a minute. Win serious money.

Fancy a shot at a big pay-out to spice up the Sunday afternoon football? Exclusive to BetVictor, and available to play for free every week, the Golden Goal is easy to enter - and could bring you serious money.

To play, simply place a prediction on which player will score the first goal, together with the minute it will be scored - that’s it. The Golden Goal is a fantastic way to add some extra excitement into the action – waiting to see how your prediction works out is like waiting for the last leg of your acca to land. Getting involved costs you absolutely nothing - and who knows, perhaps you could collect that wallet-busting prize!

Get your prediction right, and you could be in the frame to cop a colossal cash prize. And super-massive pay-outs aside, playing the Golden Goal is a brilliant way to add a little extra excitement to the action as it unfolds.

You know that feeling you get when you’re waiting for the final leg in an acca to come in, cheering on your selection? The Golden Goal gives you a similar sensation – and it needn’t cost you a penny to play. If you’re looking to inject some added oomph into Sunday’s football action, this offer is solid gold.

Play on desktop, or download the BetVictor app on Android or iOS to make your first prediction. If you fancy more than one attempt at predicting the Golden Goal in the same match, no problem. Wager a total of £25 or more across any combination of sports market or casino game across the week, and you’ll be awarded a second prediction; wager £50 in the same time period, and you’ll earn a third prediction.

And in the event of a week passing without a winner, no worries. If no-one wins the weekly draw, the prize fund will roll over to the next week. The longer the pot builds, the bigger the final pay out could be. Who knows how big this thing can get…

The Golden Goal will typically be available on one specific game every week, usually Sunday’s late kick-off. Occasionally other matches may feature the Golden Goal too. And remember, you can place your first prediction for free each week. First goal wins!

In the event of more than one participant correctly predicting the Golden Goal, the prize will be shared between the winners.


Visit the Golden Goal tab to play for free!



How To Play?



The Golden Goal is our weekly free-to-play Football prediction game, which will typically focus on the late afternoon televised Premier League fixture every Sunday.

To play, simply predict two outcomes in our selected match each week:

  • The First Goal Scorer - e.g. Wayne Rooney
  • The First Goal Minute - e.g. 28’ (27.00-27.59)

All BetVictor account holders have a free weekly prediction for The Golden Goal, but you can earn two additional predictions each week by placing bets, or playing casino:

  • 1st Prediction – Free every week.
  • 2nd Prediction – Wager £25 on any product.
  • 3rd Prediction – Wager a further £25 on any product.

(Currency variations can be found within The Golden Goal tab)

Your progress towards earning an additional prediction is tracked within The Golden Goal tab. Here you’ll see how much you have left to wager before earning your next prediction.

You can place your predictions for The Golden Goal at any point during the current competition week, right up to the kick-off of our selected Sunday fixture.

When The Golden Goal is scored and the competition is settled, the result will be published and the winner(s) contacted. If there is no winner, the prize fund rolls over to the following Sunday’s fixture with an additional £25,000 added to the prize pool.

So, are you ready to take a shot at Golden Goal?

First Goal wins!