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Partial Cash Out has arrived, meaning you now have even greater control over those crucial Cash Out moments!

Tap on the arrow beside your Cash Out offer to reveal the slider and use this to control the amount you want to Cash Out. Then process your Cash Out in the normal way.

Your balance will update with your chosen Cash Out amount, and the remainder of your bet will stay inside your Cash Out zone.

For further information, please see the FAQs below

What is Partial Cash Out? Partial Cash Out is a feature that allows you to cash out a part of your bet, rather than the whole amount.

After I Partially Cash Out my bet has a different stake, why is this? Once you have performed a Partial Cash Out we will calculate the remaining stake and this will be the stake that you will see in the Cash Out Zone for the remainder of your bet. You will also notice a new potential return has been generated.

Can I partially cash out the same bet more than once? Yes, as long as the cash out value is more than £1.00 you can partially cash out the same bet multiple times.

Is partial cash out available for all my bets? Yes. As long as your bet is on our selected cash out sports/markets and has a cash out value of at least £1.00 then partial cash out will be available.

Why isn’t Partial Cash Out available? Partial cash out is only available for bets that have a cash out value of at least £1.00

Is Partial Cash Out available for bets placed using bonus funds? No. Only bets placed using real money are eligible for cash out

What is Bank My Stake? This is a feature that allows you to partially cash out your bet for the value of your stake. Clicking on this button when you see it will result in your original stake appearing within the green cash out button and you’ll see the indictor on the slider move position also.

Why isn’t Bank My Stake available? Bank My Stake is only activated when the Cash Out value for a bet is greater than the stake of the bet.